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About Me

Painting of Pinkie (Also Known As Sarah Barrett Moulton)

Pinkie (Also Known As Sarah Barrett Moulton)

I clearly remember being around ten years old when I saw the first piece of art that made me tilt my head to the side and stare. It was a small 8×10 print that I purchased as a gift for my mother at a school fundraiser. I can still recall studying the pink ribbons on her bonnet and how the artist made them appear to be blowing in the wind. That was the day that I started to see the world differently. Color, depth, light, movement, perspective, and juxtaposition became permanent lenses over my eyes. My mother passed away a few years ago and among her things was the print that I had given her forty years ago. It now lives above my desk in the studio.
I am blessed to have artistic abilities in my blood. My great grandmother, though I never met her, created beautiful floral paintings with oils. My father could work a plain piece of leather into a work of art wallet or create a stunning scene with paper and pastels. It was my mother, though, who was my greatest influence. She spent countless hours teaching me how to sew, quilt, knit, and craft. I learned from her that the greatest gifts come from the heart, mind, and hands.

Frida Kahlo & Self-Portrait
Marc Chagall

I have always been drawn to the works of Frida Kahlo and Marc Chagall. Both possess the brilliant ability to tell their stories through art. In a single painting you can feel Kahlo’s pain or Chagall’s love and yearning. Not only are they both thought provoking artists, they bring forth emotions that connect you to them. They are relatable. Art comes in many forms and while I am drawn to many visual artists, I also have a passion for written art as well. Pablo Neruda weaves words into spectacular poetry from love sonnets to odes to wine. It is easy to become lost in his words and feel his passion.

Pablo Neruda



Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda

What We Do

nurturing POMA's seed

Peace Of My Art Studio was a seed I planted many years ago and have been nurturing since. I am pleased to transplant this flourishing idea into a garden of its own and help it grow. Creativity is a thought, an expression, a form of energy waiting to be released. Action turns this into art. Everyone has a place inside of them where creativity resides. It can only travel from its home through action. Once it’s released the possibilities are endless. At POMA, we offer a place to learn and grow, a place to celebrate lifes milestones, and to discover the artist within!



The mind determines what’s possible. The soul surpasses it.
Pilar Coolinta